The Northington Building
Located at the southwest corner of the historic Courtyard Square in downtown Lampasas, our office is located upstairs in a recently renovated two-story rock masonry building. The building was built in 1870 by A.J. Northington, and is one of the oldest buildings on the square.

The exterior walls are nearly two feet thick, and made of rock quarried just four miles north of Lampasas. The rafters are made of unmilled cedar posts, and the ceiling joists are longleaf pine. The rafters and joists are exposed in the front office in order to show the fine workmanship of the era. The original fireplace upstairs has been restored and is functional.

We are in the process of gathering historical information on this building to apply for a Texas Historical Marker. If anyone has old pictures of this building, we would like to have reproductions made to add to our application.